The need

Housing helps families to attain and maintain good health, family, education and employment outcomes.

The need

Infrastructure and service provision in remote Aboriginal communities has been a shared responsibility between State and Federal Governments for a half-century, recognising the Federal Government’s constitutional responsibilities and role in supporting the establishment of many communities.

The population in remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia is projected to rise, with up to 13,225 residents expected by 2026.

Released in October 2017, the Federal Government’s Remote Housing Review found that at 30 June 2018, 650 houses will be required in remote WA to counter overcrowding.

An additional 1,300 houses will be required by 2028 – that is, approximately 65 houses per year for a decade after the immediate need for 650 houses is met.

The Remote Housing Review recommended a minimum five-year rolling program, and a 50:50 funding split between the Federal Government and the States.

The Review report also confirmed that housing is foundational to making progress against Closing the Gap health, education and employment targets.